The World Bank and Anti-Corruption…a final word?

I was recently asked by someone helping to conduct a Congressional review if I had done any more work on the World Bank's anti-corruption programme since my Brown Journal article came out in 2007. I answered truthfully...I haven't actually been working on this topic since then. Partly this is because soon afterwards I went on [...]

Upcoming conference – ECPR General Conference, Potsdam, 10-12 September

I am going to be speaking at the ECPR General Conference in Potsdam in September, as part of a panel on 'Democratization & institution-building: Recasting the structure-agency debate in democracy promotion & "transitology"',  in the section 'Political Development Between Democratization & Conflict'. The paper will be titled 'Donor-funded Civic Education in Kenya, 2000-2009: From democratisation [...]

Africa After the African Commission: What Priorities for the German G8?

Africa After the African Commission: What Priorities for the German G8? - ODI podcast This podcast, from the ODI website, contains a selection of speakers from the ODI/DFID/DSA event on 2 May 2007, of which I was a participant and speaker, and you can hear me in this podcast speaking briefly about corruption. You can [...]