What I’m reading this month: new feature

As part of my role as Senior Research Fellow at DFID, one of the things I’ve been doing with my colleague, Alisha Patel, is to pull together a ‘What we’re reading on governance & conflict this month’ email for colleagues far and wide. We’ve had fantastic feedback on it, and every month more and more colleagues are sending in their own reading for inclusion.

We’ve ‘borrowed’ (with permission!) the format that the fantastic Center for Global Development uses in its weekly email, where reading is categorised by the amount of time it should take to read it. It’s meant to be informal, rather than some sort of ‘SRF-approved’ reading list, and we encourage people to be a bit provocative if they’d like (though it’s not a pre-requisite).

I’ve decided to start sharing my own selections here every month, because other people may enjoy reading them. I’ll also go back and post earlier selections, so watch this space. Bear in mind that these are my selections only and not the whole list. They’re what I’m interested in, so expect a lot of corruption, crime and conflict. Other colleagues have very different interests, and the wider list is much more diverse.

And if anyone has suggestions for future reading, please share in the comments!


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