Oil reform in Nigeria: The ups and downs of channel-hopping programme delivery

Originally posted on the DLP Opinions blog, with Elisa Lopez Lucia, Joanna Buckley and Neil McCulloch. Image: Work in the Niger Delta (Cristiano Zingale) ‘Thinking and Working Politically’ (TWP) has been gaining traction in development programming, given its premise that programming teams can maximise the possibility of real impact if they can get the ‘politics’ right. But... Continue Reading →

Do donors have realistic expectations of their staff when it comes to ‘thinking and working politically’?

Originally posted on the DLP Opinions blog In a recent guest post for Duncan Green, ODI's Alina Rocha Menocal asks whether learning to 'think politically' is like learning a new language. It's a great analogy and one that should be taken seriously. As she points out, in order to learn this new language - incentives,... Continue Reading →

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