What I’m reading this month: January 2019 edition

What I’m reading this month: January 2019 edition

Tube journeys (blogs/policy briefs/podcasts) Rema Hanna & Vestal McIntyre, New possibilities for cutting corruption in the public sector This short article deftly pulls together some recent experimental research on public service values and ‘corruptibility’ (including this research on Zambia, funded by DFID). While more research in a variety of contexts is clearly needed, the article [...]

Corruption, consumerism and conflict

I'm in the beautiful Swedish city of Gothenberg where I gave a seminar today on 'Religion and Attitudes Towards Corruption in India and Nigeria' at the Quality of Government Institute. In the presentation I summarised the main findings coming out of research funded as part of the Religions and Development research programme at the University [...]

Presentation for RaD conference this week

I am presenting some findings this week from the project on 'Religion, Ethics and Attitudes towards Corruption', funded as part of the RaD RPC. These are preliminary findings, and we are still working on the theoretical implications of the paper, so all comments/suggestions are welcome! Corruption & Religion, Modernity & Tradition: Discourse in India in [...]

Religions and Development conference starting next week!

A major event organised by the Religions and Development Research Programme, this conference will bring together research findings that address three central questions and explore their policy and practice implications: How do religious values and beliefs drive the actions and interactions of individuals and faith-based organisations? How do religious values and beliefs and religious organisations [...]

New paper on ‘Whither morality? “Finding God in the fight against corruption’

RaD Working Paper version - whither morality Another paper that I'll be publishing as a RaD working paper and submitting to a journal. Any comments or suggestions are again welcome! Abstract: There are growing calls for religion to be used in the fight against corruption based on the assumption that religious people are more concerned [...]

New paper on ‘Corruption, Religion and Moral Development’

RaD working paper version - Corruption, Religion & Moral Development This is a paper that I'll be publishing shortly as a working paper for the Religions and Development (RaD) working paper series and then will be submitting to a journal. In the meantime, I'd welcome any comments! Abstract: Lacking in much of the current research [...]