What we’re missing by not getting our TWP (Thinking & Working Politically) alphabet straight

  This blog is republished under a Creative Commons license. The original was published on Oxfam's From Poverty to Power. See the original post for lots of great comments! I am struck by how often people say ‘TWP/PDIA/adaptive management/PEA…whatever’. Kind of like when my great-aunt calls me by various relatives’ names first before getting mine right... Continue Reading →

What I’m reading this month: June 2019 edition

Tube journeys (blogs/policy briefs/podcasts) Rim Turkmani, Devolution of power or decentralisation of power in Syria? This blog from the DFID-funded Conflict Research Programme looks at how fragmentation of the previously highly-centralised state in Syria has led to the rise of regional and local elites drawing legitimacy from ethno-sectarian narratives, the use of violence and control... Continue Reading →

What I’m reading this month: December 2018 edition

Tube journeys (blogs/policy briefs/podcasts)  Annie Kelly, British paedophiles target children in poor countries for online abuse This article looks at the NCA’s work investigating and prosecuting the estimated 80,000 UK nationals (just let that number sink in for a minute…) targeting children in poor and war-torn countries for cyber-assisted sexual abuse, including live streaming. Just... Continue Reading →

Oil reform in Nigeria: The ups and downs of channel-hopping programme delivery

Originally posted on the DLP Opinions blog, with Elisa Lopez Lucia, Joanna Buckley and Neil McCulloch. Image: Work in the Niger Delta (Cristiano Zingale) ‘Thinking and Working Politically’ (TWP) has been gaining traction in development programming, given its premise that programming teams can maximise the possibility of real impact if they can get the ‘politics’ right. But... Continue Reading →

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