What I’m reading this month: April 2019 edition

We had so many entries this month from other DFID colleagues that I limited the number of items I added to the email list, saving some goodies for next month. Southern Rail journeys (papers/journal articles/longer thought pieces)  Julian Barbera, Thinking and working politically in the Vanuatu skills sector: supporting local leadership and building a political... Continue Reading →

What I’m reading this month: December 2018 edition

Tube journeys (blogs/policy briefs/podcasts)  Annie Kelly, British paedophiles target children in poor countries for online abuse This article looks at the NCA’s work investigating and prosecuting the estimated 80,000 UK nationals (just let that number sink in for a minute…) targeting children in poor and war-torn countries for cyber-assisted sexual abuse, including live streaming. Just... Continue Reading →

What I’m reading this month: January 2019 edition

Tube journeys (blogs/policy briefs/podcasts) Rema Hanna & Vestal McIntyre, New possibilities for cutting corruption in the public sector This short article deftly pulls together some recent experimental research on public service values and ‘corruptibility’ (including this research on Zambia, funded by DFID). While more research in a variety of contexts is clearly needed, the article... Continue Reading →

New blog in Conversation Africa: What we found out about bribery patterns in Uganda’s health care system

This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. What we found out about bribery patterns in Uganda's health care system Experts fear that Uganda’s efforts to eliminate graft in its health care system are not sustainable. Suuba Trust/FlickrHeather Marquette, University of Birmingham; Caryn Peiffer, University of Bristol,... Continue Reading →

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