In press & in prep

Under review:

‘Uganda’s health sector as a “hidden” positive outlier in bribery reduction’ (with Caryn Peiffer & Rosita Armytage)


‘Reductions in bribery in Uganda and South Africa: Lessons from “positive outliers”’, revising (with Caryn Peiffer)

‘Corruption and public attitudes towards aid in the UK: Evidence from an experimental survey’, revising (with David Hudson, Jennifer Hudson & Caryn Peiffer)

In preparation:

‘Integrity management and fighting corruption in Bolivia and Rwanda’, in prep (with Paul Heywood, Caryn Peiffer & Nieves Zuñiga)

‘Perceptions of corruption and public support for foreign aid: An Anglo-American fetish?Comparative evidence from Britain, France, Germany and the United States’, in prep (with David Hudson, Jennifer Hudson & Caryn Peiffer)

‘Organised crime, development and the potential unintended consequences of interventions: lessons from research & practice’, in prep