In press & in prep

Under review:

‘Uganda’s health sector as a “hidden” positive outlier in bribery reduction’ (with Caryn Peiffer & Rosita Armytage)

‘Thinking politically about corruption as problem-solving: a reply to Persson, Rothstein and Teorell’ (with Caryn Peiffer)


‘Reductions in bribery in Uganda and South Africa: Lessons from “positive outliers”’, revising (with Caryn Peiffer)

‘Corruption and public attitudes towards aid in the UK: Evidence from an experimental survey’, revising (with David Hudson, Jennifer Hudson & Caryn Peiffer)

In preparation:

‘Integrity management and fighting corruption in Bolivia and Rwanda’, in prep (with Paul Heywood, Caryn Peiffer & Nieves Zuñiga)

‘Perceptions of corruption and public support for foreign aid: An Anglo-American fetish?Comparative evidence from Britain, France, Germany and the United States’, in prep (with David Hudson, Jennifer Hudson & Caryn Peiffer)

‘Organised crime, development and the potential unintended consequences of interventions: lessons from research & practice’, in prep (with Miriam Light)

‘Janus and the “two faces” of organised crime and political corruption in fragile contexts’, in prep

‘Corruption, crime and “ruptures” in historical perspective’, in prep

‘Corruption and consumption’, in prep