Working/policy papers

Written evidence to the UK House of Commons Parliamentary Accounts Committee Serious and organised crime inquiry, 17 July 2019, available at

What does the evidence tell us about “thinking and working politically” in development assistance?’ (with Niheer Dasandi, Ed Laws & Mark Robinson), UNU-WIDER Working Paper 2019/12, 2019, available at‘thinking-and-working-politically’-development

‘”Islands of integrity”? Reductions in bribery in Uganda and South Africa and lessons for anti-corruption policy and practice’ (with Caryn Peiffer), DLP Research Paper, 58, 2018, available at

‘The surprising case of police bribery reduction in South Africa’ (with Caryn Peiffer, Rosita Armytage & Trevor Budhram), DLP Research Paper, 57, 2018, available at

‘Uganda’s health sector as a “hidden” positive outlier in bribery reduction’ (with Caryn Peiffer & Rosita Armytage), DLP Research Paper, 56, 2018, available at

‘Thinking and working politically: Reviewing the evidence on the integration of politics into development practice over the past decade’ (with Ed Laws), TWP Community of Practice, 2018, available at

‘Inside the black box of political will: 10 years of findings from the Developmental Leadership Program’, February 2018 (with David Hudson, Claire Mcloughlin & Chris Roche), available at

‘Integrity and integrity management in public life’ (with Paul Heywood, Caryn Peiffer & Nieves Zúñiga, ANTICORRP Report D11.4, 2017, available at

‘Thinking and Working Politically: Lessons from FOSTER in Nigeria’ (with Elisa Lopez Lucia, Joanna Buckley & Neil McCulloch), DLP Research Paper, 48, 2017, available at

Written evidence to the UK House of Commons International Development Committee’s Tackling Corruption Overseas inquiry, 2016, available at

‘Thinking and Working Politically: From theory building to building an evidence base’ (with Niheer Dasandi & Mark Robinson), DLP Research Paper, 37, 2016, available at

‘Everyday Political Analysis’ (with David Hudson & Sam Waldock), DLP Research Paper, 2016, available at

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‘Corruption and Collective Action’ (with Caryn Peiffer), DLP Research Paper 32, 2015, available at

‘Elite Attitudes Towards Cash Transfers and the Poor in Malawi’ (with Chipiliro Kalebe-Nyamongo), DLP Research Paper 30, 2015, available at

‘Communication in anti-corruption work: Articulating messages to structure a communications plan’, OECD-DAC, November 2014, available at

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‘Donors Understanding Governance and Corruption Through Political Economy Analysis: From Process to Product (and back again?)’ (with Jonathan Fisher), DLP Research Paper 28, 2014, available at

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Whither Morality? “Finding God” in the Fight Against Corruption’, RaD Working Paper No. 41, 2010.

Corruption, Religion and Moral Development’, RaD Working Paper No. 42, 2010.

Political Science, Religion and Development: A Literature Review’ (with Gurupal Singh & Namawu Alolo Alhassan), RaD Working Paper 07, 2007.

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